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What is Distance Energy Healing?

Updated: Mar 28

Deeper understanding about Distance Energy Healing

Did you know that London Tantric Temple offers Distance Energy Healing ?

In the realm of alternative healing, the efficacy of energy healing or the distance energy healing has gained considerable recognition. This holistic approach is increasingly acknowledged for its capacity to stimulate the body's inherent healing processes, address the underlying causes of ailments, alleviate discomfort, mitigate anxiety, foster emotional equilibrium and so much more. Amidst the upheaval brought about by the recent pandemic, societal routines were abruptly disrupted, compelling individuals to remain indoors while both essential and non-essential activities were curtailed. While the rationale behind avoiding crowded places like bars, clubs, and shopping centers is evident during a global health crisis, questions arise concerning the accessibility of health and wellness services.

Although online counseling and similar therapeutic modalities have long been available, the advent of virtual platforms has democratized various alternative practices that were previously confined to physical consultations and in-person sessions. Consequently, Distance Energy Healing, also referred to as Remote Energy Healing, has experienced a resurgence in response to the prevailing need and heightened demand. We at London Tantric Temple offer such to cater our patrons needs.

While the concept of Distance Energy Healing is not novel, its prevalence and accessibility have expanded significantly in recent times, reflecting shifting paradigms and evolving healthcare preferences.

Understanding what Energy Healing or Remote Healing is all about

At London Tantric Temple, we delve into the profound principles of energy healing, rooted in the understanding that the human essence transcends mere physicality. Our holistic approach recognizes the multifaceted nature of the human entity, encompassing not only the tangible physical form but also intricate layers of subtle energy bodies extending beyond perceptibility.

When affliction or imbalance manifests within the body, it transcends mere physical symptoms. Drawing from the wisdom of Yoga, we acknowledge that ailments originate from deeper, more subtle layers of the being, eventually manifesting in the physical realm.

Our methodology involves harmonizing all layers of your being, from the palpable to the imperceptible, facilitating a comprehensive restoration of health from within. At London Tantric Temple, we believe in healing from the core, addressing the root causes to foster holistic well-being. We have well-trained therapist and programs for your needs. At London Tantric Temple, our mission revolves around the objective of rectifying energetic imbalances. It is through this alignment that genuine and comprehensive healing can be attained. That's why we at London Tantric Temple customizes different individual needs.

Energy healing manifests in various modalities. While traditional methods involve physical interaction, such as touching or massage, to address the body directly, it also encompasses non-physical approaches centered on manipulating an individual's energy field.

One such practice, known as Distance or Remote Energy Healing, transcends physical proximity, allowing practitioners to facilitate healing remotely. At London Tantric Temple, we harness the power of this non-local healing modality to promote well-being irrespective of geographical constraints.

7 Subtle Bodies

Did you realize that alongside the tangible human anatomy lies a subtler, intrinsic anatomy that defines your essence?

In the realm of Remote Tantra, we recognize the multifaceted composition of the human being, extending beyond mere physicality. You are not solely defined by your physical body; rather, you are comprised of seven energy centers and five interconnected bodies.

In the teachings of Yoga and Tantra, these subtle layers are referred to as the "five bodies of man." While likened to the layers of an onion for conceptual clarity, they differ fundamentally in their interconnectedness and interdependence. These energetic layers permeate both within and beyond the physical body, forming an integral part of your being. Even the tangible physical body is inherently energetic, albeit with a slower vibrational frequency, rendering it perceptible and tangible.

It is essential to recognize that disturbances or blockages within one body can reverberate across the others, underscoring the interconnected nature of the human energy system.

From the "lowest" to the "highest," the five bodies of man encompass:

These are the 7 Subtle Bodies

  1. Etheric Body

  2. Emotional Body

  3. Mental Body

  4. Astral Body

  5. Etheric Template Body

  6. Celestial Body

  7. Causal Body

The concept of the Rainbow Body and Diamond Body is revered among Tibetan Buddhists and Taoists of the Far East. At 8 Hz, a potential full activation of the Sovereign brain is speculated, presenting a significant threshold for internal transformation.

This frequency serves as a Golden Midway Bridge towards a profound internal Revolution. Dr. Andrija Puharich's experiments in the late 1970s, particularly in Proto-Communication II, showcased the inability of any electromagnetic shielding metal or even a triple vacuum to block 8 Hz. This suggests it's perpetual rotation through the Virtual, transcending spatial and temporal boundaries, and traversing quantum. This oscillation echoes the philosophical explorations of Hermetic Gnostic and Shaman Psychonauts, who grapple with the concept of "Spirit" and the Taoist principle of Wu Chi.

Etheric Energy The notion of the etheric body finds its place within various esoteric and spiritual doctrines, including Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and certain New Age ideologies. It is perceived as one of the subtle bodies or energy constructs existing alongside the physical form. Below is a concise overview of the etheric body:

Subtle Energy Matrix: The etheric body is purportedly crafted from subtle energy, intricately interwoven with and permeating the physical vessel. It serves as the conduit or interface connecting the physical realm with higher energetic dimensions.

Vital Life Essence: Across many belief systems, the etheric body is synonymous with the life force or vital energy fueling the corporeal existence. This vital essence is often referred to as "prana" in Hinduism and Ayurveda, "chi" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or "ki" in Japanese traditions.

Healing and Vitality: Advocates of the etheric body concept posit that disruptions or disharmonies within this energetic matrix can manifest as physical and emotional ailments. Healing modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, and energy therapy seek to realign and synchronize the etheric body to enhance overall well-being and vitality.

Form and Structure: Descriptions of the etheric body often liken its shape and contours to those of the physical form, replete with energy conduits (commonly known as nadis or meridians) and focal points of energy circulation (chakras).

Interconnectedness: The concept of the etheric body is intricately tied to the notion of universal interconnectedness, suggesting that it is an integral component of the cosmic web of energy and consciousness linking all living beings.

Ultimately, the Etheric Body is believed to depart from the Physical Body upon death, serving as the vessel for consciousness as it transitions into the astral realm, commonly referred to as heaven or "Summerland." At London Tantric, we explore these profound connections between the physical and energetic realms to foster holistic understanding and well-being.

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