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Swedish Massage London

Having a Swedish Full Body Massage in London

When looking at a list of things you could do as a way to relax and ease off whilst in London, especially after a stressful day or week, getting a massage is usually top of the list. A Full Body Massage, as described in layman’s terms, is simply kneading, and rubbing of one’s body to relax muscles and joints; and it is usually done by a Swedish Massage therapist.


Professional Swedish Massage therapists know what massage procedure is fit for the client, depending on body type, and expected massage result. One of such procedures known to be highly advantageous and suitable for all is the Full body Swedish Massage.

Swedish massage therapy has its origin in Sweden, Europe but has grown to be quite famous in many other countries, especially in London.

Swedish massage therapy is a full body massage that involves kneading, rubbing, tapping, and rolling of muscles of the body with relaxation as the goal. You can derive many benefits from a Swedish massage, some of which are:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation:
    The gentle kneading, rubbing, and pressing actions made by a massage therapist perform one necessary function; they aid blood flow and direct them to the heart. This action ensures that blood reaches the heart quickly and efficiently.


    Also, the pressure generated by these actions aids the circulation of blood around the various vessels in the body, even in areas that are already congested. As a result of this, blood pressure decreases. Reduced blood pressure leads to improvement in body functions.

body to body massage


Get a Full Body Massage in London with one of our talented Swedish massage therapists!!It is one of the best options if you are looking to relax, and it provides benefits for mental health, mental functioning, and overall physical health.


If you are looking to give your body the best treatment and wondering where Swedish massage London services are being provided, check out London Tantric Temple with the best massage therapists to guide you through the journey of the best full body massage in London.

  • Mood improvement:
    Another benefit that Full Body Massage provides is that it improves a person’s mood due to the production of certain hormones while inhibiting the production of some others. For example, dopamine is a hormone that lifts one’s mood, and its secretion is increased by massage. However, Cortisol is a stress hormone and massage help in inhibiting its secretion.


    Several studies have proven that negative moods like depression, anxiety, distress, and anger are reduced by massage therapy. There is usually this great feeling you have after a massage session, and that’s the goal.

  • Increased respiratory function:
    Due to the hand movements during a Full Body Massage in London, muscles that have become contracted get loosened and lengthened; the effect is the opening of the lungs which in turn improves lung function. Because of how gentle and relaxing Swedish massage is, you do not feel stressed; this, therefore, paces down your breathing, making you breathe easily and slowly.


    Also, Swedish massage helps break up mucus in the lungs, which might have impaired the breathing ability of the lungs initially.

  • Reduces muscle pain and stress:
    One of the methods used in Swedish massage is the stroking method; this method helps to improve local circulation and also reduces muscle tension. The advantage this has is that if you have pain-causing conditions like osteoarthritis, improving circulation in such affected areas can help numb the pain naturally.

  • Immune boosting benefit:
    Another profound benefit of Swedish massage is that it helps to build up your immune system. How does this happen? When you are relaxed on the massage table, the production of the hormone cortisol in your body is reduced. Reduced secretion of cortisol hormone means a reduction in stress level; this, therefore, aids the building up of your immune system in fighting infections and diseases.

  • Lymph drainage:
    If you are not very mobile due to work-related reasons or you just like being in one place, then Swedish Full Body Massage therapy is the best bet for you. When you don’t move your muscles as much as you are supposed to, there is usually a buildup of lymphatic fluid—which can become toxic to your body after a while; Swedish massage, based on its peculiarity, can help drain this fluid.

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